Sandy Hill

by Dead Hand

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Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Curtis Buckoll

Colton Harris - Vocals
Colby Hink - Guitar
Jack Briscoe - Drums
Jordan Greaux - Bass


released October 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Dead Hand Abbotsford, British Columbia

Just wanna rock.

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Track Name: Sandy Hill
don't know why this happened to me
everything stripped and taken away
young family, young son
a home left without it's number one
begin the downward spiral
the patterns of the day to day
chew me up spit me out
take away everything
that I care about
lost son
descends into life
Track Name: Glass & Frame
well every time that I try
to forget your face
I see it all in black and white
on a wall behind glass and frame
I go on living like you were never here
wait for an end that's nowhere near
fuck this stretched out existence
rolling through days without a hint of resistance
I can't follow you
take it back
take me instead
can't remember the sound of her voice
grow up fast you have no choice
talk to the ceiling like she's actually listening
Track Name: Forget How To Feel ft. Josh Littlechilds
I'm a lost cause
I'm a bloody mess
board the windows
won't leave this room
everybody is watching my every move
I'm the enemy
man versus himself
nothing can change the way
I have been living my life
I wish I could move on
sometimes I wanna forget
forget how to feel
everything leading up to this
I'm numb can't tell what's real
I can't seem to move on past it
forget how to fucking feel
Track Name: Cursed With Life
blood spills from my brain
filling my mouth with everything I hate about me
mother I've failed at every turn
stuck in a rut
nothing makes sense
this world is a tomb and I can't get by
ruination, desperation
I am nothing
I am filth cursed with life
cursed with existence
a weak will and hope for myself
but I'll let you all down
no surprise
I'm not worth your time
uncreate my life
drag it all down to the pit of nothing
I've been digging my whole life
not even worms will share the earth with me
Track Name: Cement Shoes
I need to leave this place
all my dreams are turning about face
staring at the water ahead
it would be easier if I were dead
fighting for nothing is a tiresome thing
it can't possibly get any worse
or I'll be leaving town in the back of a hearse
down and out
we're going down
I'm sick of fakes
cement shoes at the bottom of the lake
I can't get out
inhaling water
under the surface
shedding everything but who I am
sick of going where I want not where I need
sick of saying shit that means nothing to me
motherfucker I'm sick of almost everything
Track Name: Self Inflicted Condition
I see an apparition of who I thought I was
my skin cracks and peels away as I realize
I don't exist
I don't know who I am
smash my head against the wall again and again and again
my own home feels unfamiliar
self inflicted condition
question everything I love
my own name tastes like poison
as I draw a line through the time
where I thought my will was mine
the visions become fragmented
and float out of view
got won't stitch my soul together
and neither can you
pull my eyes out of my face
in an attempt to erase
my entire life
this waste of space
from the annals of history
won't be remembered for anything
it would be better if I were never alive
my life is a lie
the earth has had it's sweet revenge
the oppression of other men
has brought me to my end
I'm a product of society
every thought I have is drilled into me
naught exists inside my heart
to produce any light
I give up on this world
I give up on this fight
I give up on life
one last selfless act
I disappear
and I never come back